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June 7, 2019  

Owen Feeney, Athletic Rehabilitation Therapist, Dublin

June 7, 2019


Episode #49


Owen Feeney ,

Athletic Rehabilitation Therapist 


Welcome back everyone to Episode 49.

In this episode i had a chance to with the excellent Owen Feeney . 

Owen is an up and coming Athletic Rehabilitaion Therapist based in Dublin. 

We get a chance to chat about a number of really interesting Injury and Rehabilitation topics and get Owen's thoughts on some of the areas that he has seen where we are making progress and others where we still have lots of work to do. 

Hope you guys enjoy the episode .  


 In this episode we got to chat about some of the following topics :

-His background and how be got into Athletic Therapy

- His thoughts on injury rates between sedentary and athletic populations and some of the misconceptions surrounding these . 

- Why caution is vital when working with new but capable clients  

- His thoughts on health and wellness events and their affect on peoples perception of the link between athletic therapy and health. 

- His recommendations for staying active while injured to enhance your recovery

- How to be patient and pro-active when facing a long recovery process.  

- And some advice to those who may be going through a tough recovery at the moment! 


To find out more about Owen check out the link below.


It was a pleasure to chat and thanks a million for taking the time Owen .

Best of luck with the practice in the future mate .

It's great to have more conscientious therapists like yourself in the industry. 


Hope you enjoy the show folks and if you are enjoying the podcast don't forget to hit the Subscribe button!


Until next time folks,

Much Love as always, 

Your Humble Coach