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May 27, 2020  

Ger McTavish, National GAA Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Sport Scientist & Performance Coach



Episode #56


Ger McTavish,

National GAA Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Sport Scientist & Performance Coach 


Welcome back everyone to Episode 56.

In this episode i was lucky enough to chat to the phenomenal Ger McTavish . 

Ger has been at the heart of some fantastic development work within a number of National Governing bodies ( GAA, Special Olympics Ireland, IABA, Dublin GAA to name a few!)  in recent years and has drawn on her unique and wide ranging experience to have a really profound impact on their progress. 

From her salt of the earth roots in Connemara right through to her current role with the GAA as the ONLY Diversity & Inclusion Officer in a Governing body in the world she has been a positive influence everywhere she has gone. 

This is one of our longest episodes folks as we just got into so many great tangents of discussion so give yourself a couple of days to enjoy and keep the kettle and a fresh notebook close by .!


 In this episode we got to chat about some of the following topics :

-Ger's background & how she got into coaching

- Her GAA roots and starting to become a strong team character

- Why she has felt a draw towards diversity and inclusion in her coaching life across such varied roles ?

- Her favourite coaches.

- The Irish language, Irish culture and its importance in her current role with the GAA.

- Recommendations for athletes to work on during the pandemic.

- Her next coaching step.

- And lots more!! 


To find out more about Ger and to fin out more about her work with the GAA 

 check out some of the links below.  


Ger (Gearóidin) Mc Tavish




It was a real pleasure to talk to Ger and i really appreciate her taking the time to chat.

Thanks Ger and keep up the great work ! 


Hope you enjoy the show folks and if you are enjoying the podcast don't forget to hit the Subscribe button!


Until next time folks,

Much Love as always, 

Your Humble Coach