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September 15, 2018  

Jason Khalipa , Founder of NC.FIT & CrossFit Legend


Episode #36


Jason Khalipa , 

Founder of NC.FIT & CrossFit Legend


In this episode i was joined by the Legend that is Jason Khalipa .


Jason is a man of many talents and he is an inspiring character on so many levels. 

He has been a CrossFit Games Athlete on 8 occasions, has founded a  brilliantly successful company in NC.FIT and has been a relentlessly positive influcence in the Fitness Industry for many years. 

He is first and foremost though a Family man and his love and dedication for them has been steadfast throughout some challenging times including his young daughter's battle with leukemia in2016.

Jason is in short " A force of nature" . 


In this episode we got to chat about some of the following topics 

-  His background in a Nutshell  .

 - His new book As Many Reps As Possible and what he hopes for people to get from it and how to use an AMRAP Mentality.

 - The importance of Stability and having a strong team aroundyou in order to survive the high and lows of challenging times both personally and professionaly.

 - The Value of constant evaluation in all areas of your life on a daily basis to ensure a good use of time .       

- How variety of workout options depends on complexity needed by the client and how the NC.FIT programming emphasis has a place for everyone.

- His thoughts on Branding and the importance of maintaining and growinga strong brand identity . 

-  Advice for new coaches and business owners .

- Some of his favourite coaches and how he is enjoying running his own podcast!   


To find out more about Jason and NC.FIT 

check out below where to find more details.  

Jason's Website

Jason's Instagram

NC.FIT Website



It was awesome to get a chance to with jason who has been and continues to be an inspiration to many people around the world. 

Thanks so much for joining me Jason!!  


Hope you enjoy the show folks and if you are enjoying the podcast don't forget to hit the Subscribe button!


Until next time folks,

Much Love as always, 

Your Humble Coach  

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