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July 29, 2018  

Shakira Coonghe ,Strength and Movement Coach @


Episode #35


Shakira Coonghe , 

Strength and Movement Coach


In this epsiode i had the pleasure of welcoming the excellent Strength and Movement Coach Shakira Coonghe( pronounced Coon-yeh) to the Podcast to talk about variety in training and coaching, important lessons she has learned over the years and why she is loving life right now! . 


Shakira is a well respected Strength Coach, Boxer, 2nd Degree black belt in Taekwon-Do, Personal Trainer, Olympic Weightlifter, Blogger, Food Lover, Mover, Learner & Teacher with a huge amount of experience.


In this episode we got to chat about some of the following topics 

-  Shakira's background and how she got into coaching .

 - What she is loving about life right now .

 - Her experience working with a large variety fo different types of people for all walks of life.

 - Valuable coaching lessons she has picked up throughout her career .       

- Some fun quick fire questions !!

- The importance of keeping a strong sense of self as a coach and ensuring that you the person is prioritised as much as possible . 

- Some of her favourite coaches and why they are so special .  


To find out more about Shakira and her brilliant coaching and movement culture work

check out below where to find her.  





Shakira Strength Coach


It was awesome to get a chance to shoot the breeze with Shakira who has a fanstastic attitude to coaching and training and i have no doubt that she will go from Strength to Strength in the future. 

Thanks so much for joining me Shakira!!!!  


Hope you enjoy the show folks and if you are enjoying the podcast don't forget to hit the Subscribe button!


Until next time folks,

Much Love as always, 

Your Humble Coach  

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