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June 23, 2018  

Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC , Founder and CEO of BirthFit


Episode #34


Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC

Founder and CEO of BirthFit 


In this epsiode i welcomed the brilliant Dr Lindsey Matthews of BirthFit to the Podcast to talk about all thing Pregnancy , Strength & Self development. 


Lindsey Mathews is a doctor of chiropractic, birth doula, a NLP practitioner, and a strength and conditioning coach. Born and raised in Texas, she currently calls Venice, CA, home with her husband Logan. Lindsey started BIRTHFIT in 2011 as a blog with a deep desire to support and educate women throughout the motherhood transition. BIRTHFIT started expanding in 2014 and since then has doubled in size each year. BIRTHFIT is a movement!

Lindsey is a passionate believer in magic and love, views every obstacle as an opportunity to learn, and is a woman in pursuit of truth through food, travel, and relationships.

Lindsey’s core values are respect, growth, freedom, connection, and love.

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In this episode we got to chat about some of the following topics 

-  Dr. Lindsey's background and what exactly it is to be BirthFit.

 - The Four Pillars of BirthFit and the value of awareness around the entire Motherhood Transition.

 - " Working with the body you have today " and how to improve your self compassion to trust your ituition.

 - Areas where coaches can be more mindful when working with pregnant clients.      

- Her thoughts on the sustainability of health and the importance of self development and  core values as guiding lights during pregnancy. 

- Antifragility and how this concept can be used to empower women throughout the Motherhood Transistion.

- The importance of Self Care during the Post Partum period to ensure a healthy respect for the pregnancy journey. 

- Dr. Lindsey's Book Recommendations . 


Loyalty to Your Soul : The heart of Spiritual Psychology


Dancing with Yin and Yang


Real Food For Pregnancy


Exercising through Pregnancy




To find out more about Dr.Lindsey and BirthFit check out where to find her on the interwebs below!!!! 




It was a pleasure to chat to Dr. Lindsey and i wish her all the best for the future with all things BirthFit !! 


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Until next time folks,

Much Love as always, 

Your Humble Coach  

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