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March 4, 2018  

Claire McGlynn, Owner at Unit 1 Gym & Coach at CrossFit 353.


Episode #29 


Claire McGlynn, Owner of Unit 1 Gym


So.. Let's strike while the iron is hot so to speak folks!! 


  • In this Episode i was joined by the excellent Claire McGlynn, Owner of Unit 1 Gym, Dublin who has an awesome range of experience both as a Coach and also as a High level International Athlete in Athletics and Olympic Weightlifting in the recent past .
  • Claire has become a fantastic role model for both men and women all over Ireland in the Health and Fitness Industry and it was a pleasure to get the chance to pick her brain. 
  • It has not been easy though as she has had to overcome serious injury, challenges to her confidence which came with a change of sporting direction as well as setting up her own business in recent times!
  • As you will hear during the show however she is as positive as they come these days and has lots of great insights for Coaches and Athletes alike.  


In ths episode we  got to chat about the following topics : 

- Her athletic background and her transition from High level Athletics to her Coaching role at present. 

- What part of life she is loving at the moment. 

- Her favoured style of Coaching and the value of fun and enjoyent coming acrossin our preferred coaching approaches.

- What motivated her to set up her gym, UNIT 1 ?

- Some of the challenges she has encountered while on her journey to becoming a business owner whilestill progressing as a Coach. 

- She spoke about the struggles she encountered during her recovery from a serious hamstring injury and how the strength of her team was the key to empowering her recovery. 

- Her thoughts on how Coaches can help athetes who may be going through an injury and also some advice for Athletes who may be on the injured list themselves and strategiesto keep their road back strong and positive. 

- Claire spoke about some of her fantastic mentors and coaches throughout her career and how they have shaped her Coaching philosophy . 

- Her next coaching step .

- A surprise Quick Fire round for the craic !!! 


Where to find out more about Claire :






A day in the life of Coach Claire :


Sincere thanks to Claire for joining on this episode and i hope you all enjoy the show. 

Until Next time everyone,

Much Love, 

The Humble Coach 


March 1, 2018  

Cliona O’Hanlon , Wellness Coach at Illuminate Coaching.



Welcome back folks!! 

In episode #28 i am joined by an excellent up and coming coach ,

Cliona O'Hanlon of Illumiate Coaching


Cliona has been a very successful businesswoman in the Beauty industry over the past number of years with her excellent company " All Dolled Up". 

She has in recent times however become a very strong Health & Wellness advocate and was recently one of the speakers at the excellent " Cork Lift Fest " Wellness event. .

With the upcoming launch of her new Life Coaching & Wellness company " Illuminate Coaching" very soon , we got to chat about some of the areas that she is most passionate about and some great ideas and tools that we can use to really make progress in our own lives! 



Topics in this Episode! 


- Empaths and Empathy.

How to know if you are one and how to harness this personality type to help serve yourself and others.

How to protect and ground yourself and your own energy as an empath. 


- Change. 

 Her thoughts on dealing with change in our lives and how we can use various tools to help us adjust to changes we may experience to really empower ourselves during these times.


- Self Beilef and the power of our Mind

Cliona speaks about how we can develop very strong self beilef and how we can use daily routines and practical methods to help us manifest a strong growth mindset. 



Thank you so much to Cliona for joining me for this episode and i have no doubt we will be seeing a lot more of her in the Wellness community in the near future. 


To find out more about Cliona check out her Instagram 


Hope you guys all enjoy the show and if so hit the subscribe button to  ensure you get notified when we have a new episode up!!


Until next time folks, 

Much Love, 

Your Humble Coach P . 



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