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January 29, 2018  

Nicole Christensen, Founder & Owner of CrossFit Roots



And we return with an awesome Episode #27 !

In this episode i am joined by the excellent Nicole Christensen ,

Owner of CrossFit Roots in Boulder ,Colorado .


Nicole has been a very strong presence in the CrossFit world over the years and has a phenomenal level of experience and knowledge of what it takes to be a great coach and business owner.


Here are some of the topics we covered :

1- Nicole's athletic background and how she got into coaching
2 - Where her belief that every individual has the potential to thrive from CrossFit comes from.
3 - Lessons from her time as a CrossFit Level 1 Flowmaster.
4 - Key elements of growing a long term business of real sustainable quality.
5 - Project Roots. What , Why and How did it come about .
6 - Her favourite part of Coaching (Art or Science) .
7 - Nicole's Favourite coaches and Why!
8 -Simple Advice for Coaches and where we are getting it right!!


Check out Nicole's Awesome gym here :


Massive thank you to Nicole for joining me for a great episode.
I hope you guys all enjoy the show and if so drop me a comment about your favourite part!!

Until next time folks
Much love,
The Humble Coach. 

January 12, 2018  

Sami Dowling, Head S&C Coach with Bray Wanderers FC, St. Mary’s RFC, St. Gerards Bray & Cuala GAA


So...Here comes Episode#26 folks and it's a doozy!!


In this Episode i had the pleasure of chatting with and getting an insight into the mind of an awesome S&C Coach

Sami Dowling. 


" Sami has been a professional Strength & Conditioning coach with Leinster Rugby Academy for the past 10 years, one of Europe’s top professional rugby Academy’s.

He also served as National Head S&C coach to the Irish rugby U18 and U19 men’s teams, the Irish Women’s Rugby team as well as having assisted with the Men’s Senior Rugby team in their pre-season training for the 2011 rugby World Cup.

In GAA Sami has worked at the highest level, serving as S&C coach with Down and Dublin football teams, winning an All-Ireland with the Dublin Senior team in 2011 and the Dublin U21 and Minor teams in 2012.

At club level, Sami has previously been involved with St.Vincent’s GAA and since 2013 Sami has been involved with Cuala GAA.

As well as having a strong background in S&C for field sports, Sami has coached athletes to a high level in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting including the European and World Championships, serving as the High-Performance coach for Weightlifting Ireland from 2014-2016.

Currently Sami works with Cuala GAA, St. Mary’s College Rugby Football Club and St. Gerard’s School rugby and hockey teams as their athletic and performance coach."

- Credit to for the extract of Sami's experience



Sami has a fantastic amount of experience from so many areas of S&C . 

During his career he has worked with some of the highest level teams in in Ireland in GAA, Rugby, Weightlifting and Hockey to name a few and his success with those sports continues unabated in recent times! 


During this episode we got to chat about some of the following :


- Sami's Background and How/Why he got into coaching 

- Does he have a particular team that he has enjoyed working with the most?

- His favourite area of Coaching Strength & Conditioning and some examples of why he enjoys working in those the  most. 

- Sami spoke about some common themes he has seen for creating high performing environments from his work with various teams and levels of Competition over the years. 

- Some of his favourite coaches and the best coaches he has worked alongside and currently works with . 

- Some areas where he feels we S&C Coaches can improve their service to their teams or individuals. 

- His next educational step in both Coaching and Life! 


Where to find out more about Sami Dowling

Linkedin :

Instagram :

Facebook :



It was an absolute pleasure chatting to Sami and i think we may have some really enjoyable cutting room floor content coming out very soon  from our chat so keep an eye out! 

Hope you all enjoy the show and if so please click the subscribe button and you can get an update whenever a new episode is posted


Until next time folks, 

Much Love, 

The Humble Coach  

January 10, 2018  

Jordan Wallace ,Owner of Reebok CrossFit Tyneside, Warrior Programming & 5 x CrossFit Regional Athlete


EP.25 - Jordan Wallace 


Happy New Year everyone.

i hope you and yours had a nice peaceful Christmas break. 

So we are back with our first episode of 2018 folks which is #25 and it's a great one to get the year started.


In this episode i am joined by the excellent

Jordan Wallace of Reebok CrossFit Tyneside & Warrior Programming

who has a unique perspective on Coaching, Business and Competing at the highest level!


During this episode we spoke about some of the following : 

- Jordan's sporting background and how he got into coaching. 

- Some of the challenges that he faced being a high level CrossFit athete and a business owner also. 

- His personal strengths as a Coach.

- Lessons learned from a multiple years experience at CrossFit regionals for both Athletes and Coaches. 

- Some of his current favourite Coaches & Podcasts.

- What the near future holds for him in both Business and Competition. 


Where to find out more about Jordan , RCFT and Warrior Programming. 



 Reebok CrossFit Tyneside ( Jordan's Gym)


Warrior Programming


Massive thanks to Jordan for joining me and

best of luck with the gym and for this years Open mate!


Looking forward to lots more great episodes over the course of 2018 .

As always thank you all for listening and supporting and hopefully you guys are enjoyng them!

If so feel free to leave a little review so i can keep my eye on the ball!! 


Until next time folks, 

Much love , 

Your Humble Coach P

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