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December 30, 2017  

Coaching Wisdom from 21 Brilliant Coaches - A Humble Review of 2017




Coaching Wisdom from 21 Brilliant Coaches

A Humble Review of 2017 


Hey everybody, 

So another year comes to an end and ever since i started this podcast i have felt a great gratitude in being able to speak with some of the best Coaches i know to gain some insight into how they are successful. 

In this final episode of 2017 I have tried to give you all a little review of some of the main ideas that we spoke of during the past 20+ episodes.

Over 800 minutes in conversation with 21 of the best coaches i know has definately yeilded some brilliant ideas on how to improve not only our coaching practices but also our lives!

 I hope you all enjoy the final episode of 2017 and i would highly encourage that you revisit whichever episode's ideas that you like as that is where the really good stuff is!!! 


Godspeed folks, 

Until next year, 

Much Love , 

Yur Humble Coach P 

December 22, 2017  

Adee Cazayoux , CEO of Working Against Gravity



Episode #23 is here folks and it's one of the best yet!!!!!


In this episode i am joined by the phenomenally talented 

Adee Cazayoux,

Founder & CEO of Working Against Gravity. 


Adee has a vast array of experience gained from both working with some of the fittest people on the planet as well as helping a huge amount of regular people improve their health and wellbeing. 

She currently works as Nutrition Coach with some of the best athletes in the world including

Reigning Fittest Woman on Earth

 Tia Clair Toomey

 Brooke EnceKara WebbAlessandra Pichelli ,

 Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir ,Cody AndersonJessica Lucero

 & Cole Sager 

to name just a few. 


In this episode we spoke about the following :

- Her background and her personal nutrition success story which ignited her interest Nutrition Coaching.

- Her favourite part of her current role as not just a nutrition coach but also as a business owner .

- The value of some of her favourite mediums for helping business owners to work better.

- Her thoughts on working with The best CrossFit athletes in the world and how they really are just amazingly professional humans who are a work in progress like the rest of us !

- Her thoughts on short term challenges and the value of their use depending on the context used in.

- Important lessons from the best athletes in the world.

- Her thoughts on the importance of coaching the individual holistically with a nod to some real life nutrition habits that are the building blocks of your clients progress.

- Recommendations for coaches who may be getting started in the nutrition coaching business and thoughts on scalability and the value of positivity and humility when getting your business going.

- Her thoughts on some of the changes in the CrossFit world over the past number of years.

- Her thoughts on some areas that have helped regular people improve their halth and wellness and have given them a place of safety to make progress.

- Her favourite Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner!!

- Some of her favourite Books and Coaches!!

- The next step in her own coaching development.

- Final lessons for all coaches and the “Writing reflex” !!!!


Where to find out more about Adee & Working Against Gravity 

Adee's Instagram

Working Against Gravity Instagram :

WAG Website :


Resources mentioned in this episode.

Coaches : 

Michael Cazayoux ( Brute Strength) -

Annie Lalla -

Books : 

Enders Game -

The Hungry Brain : Outsmarting the instincts that make us overeat -

Podcast : 

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman - Bonus Uncut Interview with Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg


Thanks so much to Adee for joining me in a great episode. 

I hope you guys all enjoy the show and get some good info that will help you in your practice as an athlete or a coach.

Until next time Folks, 

Much Love , 

Your Humble Coach 

December 9, 2017  

Gavan Hennigan - Life as an Extreme Adventurer and the Art of Self Coaching.


Episode 22 is here folks and it is one of the most epic yet! 

In this episode i was joined by Adventurer Gavan Hennigan for a few cups of tea during which we gain some fantastic insight into what has driven Gavan to be the Special athlete that he is today! 

This episode covers so many topics that i would recommend blocking off some time and getting some strong coffee on so that you can delve deep into the psyche of a brilliant extreme endurance athlete and get your notebook at the ready as there is a goldmine of great ideas that everyone can use here. 

Here is where to find out more about Gavan and updates on his next spectacular adventure in Alaska.


December 7, 2017  

John Singleton, Owner and Head Coach at The PROGRM Training System


Welcome back Folks!! 

Episode 21 is here and I am joined by the awesome

John Singleton of The Progrm. 

John is an accomplished Osteopath, CrossFit coach to numerous Games and Regionals athletes and all around Movement Maestro . 

John is the Owner &  Head Coach of The Progrm Training system and has worked with some of the best CrossFit athletes in the world incuding Sara Sigmundsdottir, Björgvin karl Guðmundsson , Lukas Esslinger, Adrian Mundwiler and Axel Lundgren to name a few . 


In this episode we chatted about the following :

- John's martial arts background and how he got into coaching

- Thoughts on his current work with Competitive Teenage CrossFit athletes

- The importance of movement quality for progress in the sport of CrossFit

- Why he enjoys working with Individual athletes & small groups of athletes and the importance amore detailed approach with each athlete

- Advice for us as coaches on how we can help our clients improve 

- The importance of evaluating programming on a regular basis to identify potential problem areas. 

- His thoughts on recovery methods and the value of an individual approach for each athlete.

- His thoughts on the recent CrossFit Games season changes 

- Some simple sage advice to us as coaches 


Find out more about John & The Progrm Training system here

John's Instagram :

Website :

The Progrm Instagram :


Thanks so much to John for joining me


Best of luck to you and all of your athletes for the upcoming season .


Hope you all enoy the show , 

Much Love, 

The Humble Coach  

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