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November 18, 2017  

Marc Cleary, S&C and Football Performance Coach with University of Virginia “Cavaliers”


Episode #20 is here folks and today I caught up with an excellent up and coming coach! 


In this episode i am joined by


S&C and Football Performance Coach 

University of Virginia "Cavaliers" 

NCAA American Football Team  


University Of Virginia Football Website

Marc's Linkedin Profile


Marc is one of the most promising up and coming Irish Strength & Conditioning Coaches working in the USA as well as being an accomplished Powerlifter and Oympic Weightlifter who has represented Ireland at International level.


In this episode some of the topics we chatted about were as follows : 

-  Marc's background as a high level youth athlete and his transition into his current coaching role. 

- His attraction to Rugby, Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting and how his experience of working with hgh level coaches in these sports has helped him with building his own excellent coaching philosophy. 

-His experience working with a Division 1 University American Football team at University Of Virginia. 

- Some thoughts on parts of our own coaching practice that he thinks we can improve on. 

- Some of his current favourite books and resources for Coaching and Sports Performance. 


It was awesome to talk to a great young coach who i know will be a major name in the coming years. 

Best of luck with the Bowl game mate!!!



Some of the resources Marc recommends. 


Yuri Verkshansky ( "Father of Plyometrics" & Author of Supertraining )

Buddy Morris ( S&C Coach - Arizona Cardinals Football )



Cal Dietz - Triphasic Training

 Applied Principles of Optimal Power Development by Max Schmarzo & Matt Van Dyke 



Hope you all enjoy the show and don't forget to subscribe!! 

Much Love , 

The Humble Coach 

November 3, 2017  

Ronan Brady - Physical Artist & Coach @ Anomaly Performance,Athlone.


Episode #19 : Ronan Brady  

Physical Artist, Coach & Acrobat at Anomaly Performance , Athlone. 


" Effective communication is communicating in the language of the receiver "

- Blindboy Boatclub, The Rubberbandits 


A man of many talents, Ronan Brady of Anomaly Performance in Athlone joined me to chat about everything from GAA to Acrobatics!! 

Ronan was an inter county footballer with Roscommon up until 2011 winning a Connacht medal in 2010.

Some challenging injuries forced him down a new path and he discovered aerial and acrobatics thanks to Taking Flight Education and Performance.

From there he found Cyr Wheel, acrobatics and handstands and now dabbles in CrossFit, travels all over the world performing in awesome acrobatic shows and is generally a badass! 


Some of the topics we chatted about are as follows :

1. His sporting background and how he got to where he is now.

2.  How his sporting background helped him develop a strong Growth Mindset towards Acrobatics.

3.  Why he is glad to have eventually found acrobatics and how the pros of getting involved massively outweigh the cons. 

4.  He talks about the Cyr Wheel, Aerial Straps & Duo Trapeze and some of the challenges involved in these activities. 

5.  His personal coaching style and how he encourages an open-minded explorer mentality for anyone looking to  learn acrobatics. 

6.  Why he loves working with beginners and some areas that we could improve on as coaches. 

7.  Some of his favourite education resources.

8.  Some of his awesome upcoming projects. 


Thanks so much to Ronan for joining me and I hope you guys enjoy this really fun episode!


  To find out more about Ronan and his amazing projects check him out on


Facebook: Anomaly Performance

Instagram: @anomalyronan

Twitter: @AnomalyRonan


Some of the Epic projects he has worked on!

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