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October 20, 2017  

Ann Caffrey, Strength and Conditioning & Performance Coach W/ Mayo Senior Ladies GAA & Connacht Rugby,


Episode #18 is here folks!!


Welcome back to another episode of The Humble Coach Podcast folks. (*47 Minute Listening Time )

This one is full of really great insights from a coach with a unique perspective since she currently works with two different sports codes at a very high level. 

Today i am joined by the excellent Ann Caffrey who currently works as a Strength & Conditioning and Performance Coach With Connacht Rugby and Mayo Senior Ladies Gaa teams. 

Ann has a fantastic coaching mentality which shines through by the way she speaks with such enthusiasm and passion about coaching.


This was  an awesome chat with Ann and she has some great thoughts on a variety of topics. 

Some of those are as follows : 


- Her Background and her route to becoming a Coach. 


- Her most recent coaching roles and some of the challenges she has encountered in them over the past few years .


- Her favourite part of coaching and some ideas on how coaches can improve in their own coaching practice.


- Her preferred coaching style and why she feels it is the best approach when working with athletes. 


-  Ann's thoughts on how movement quality, variety and fun are vital in as much of an athletes training as possible. 


- Her next step in her own coaching evelopment path and some of her favourite coaching resources that have helped her become an excellent coach. 


Get the notebook out for this one folks as it is full of fantastic ideas for coaches of all levels . 


Massive thanks to Ann for joining me on this episode.

It was a pleasure having you on the show and We wish you  continued success with both Connacht and Mayo! 

I hope you guys get some good ideas from this episode .

If so don't be afraid to hit the subscribe button to keep up to date with upcoming episodes.  


Until next time Folks, 

Much Love, 

Your Humble Coach 

October 13, 2017  

Didier Bouic , Owner of DFC Personal Training Studio, Salthill, Galway City


 Soo.. we're back!!!

Episode #17 in the books!  

After a little time out your humble coach has returned with a really fun episode! 

I am Joined in this episode by the excellent Didier Bouic ,Owner of DFC, Galway City .

Didier has an awesome array of skills from Therapist to Coach to High level athlete and has a fantastic ability to help people get there fitness levels to a really excellent place both holistically as well as physically. 

It was awesome chatting to Didier and he is a breath of fresh air in the fitness world in my opinion. 


Some of the topics we got to chat about are as follows : 


 - Didier's athletic background and how he got into coaching. 


- His particular interest in Sports Therapy and Kettlebells and the value of both of those tools and techniques when dealing with clients from all ends of the spectrum. 


- His preferred style of coaching and why. 


- Some areas that we could improve as coaches and advice on possible special populations that are ripe to be helped in a meaningful way fitness wise.


- His next coaching step and his favourite go to edcuational resources at the moment. 


Thanks again to Didier joining me and below is where you can get in touch with Didier and his great gym . 

DFC on Facebook :


Until next Time folks , 


The Humble Coach 

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