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September 30, 2017  

Hilary Walsh, Head Coach & Co-Owner at Guerilla Fitness/ CrossFit Clonakilty, Co.Cork


Welcome back to another fun episode of The Humble Coach Podcast folks.


Today i am joined by the curent reigning Fittest Woman in the Republic of Ireland ,

CrossFit Clonkilty's own Hilary Walsh ( Riordan ) .


Hilary has a fantastic sporting background having represented Ireland on a number of occasions in a number of different sports on the  Interational stage as well as being an inspiration to men and women all over Ireland with her awesome performances in the CrossFit world over the past number of years. 


This was  a really enjoyable chat with Hilary and she has some great thoughts on a variety of topics. 

Some of those are as follows : 


- Her sporting background and how she got into coaching


- Her favourite area of coaching and why she has changed emphasis recently regarding her competitive career. 


- Her preferred coaching ethos and philosophy and why movement quality and structural balance are so vital to as a coach consider to really help your clients make progress . 


- Hilary's thought on the benefits of utilising Julian Pineau's StrongFit principles and how they have helped her and her gym make awesome progess since adopting them into their training. 


- Her thoughts on prioitizing education and coaching over cheerlleading and how puttign yourself in your clients shoes on a regular basis is so important in helping you as a coach to understand their journey. 


- Her favourite coaches/resources at present. 



Massive thanks to Hilary for joining me on this episode. It was a pleasure having you on the show and continued success to yourself and Brendan. 

Herself and Brendan have a fantastic gym in and if you are ever in the area they will take good care of you. 

I hope you guys get some good ideas from this episode .

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Until next time Folks, 

Much Love, 

Your Humble Coach  :)



September 28, 2017  

Colm O’Reilly, Owner Of CrossFit Ireland



Welcome back to another fun & hopefully educational episode of The Humble Coach Podcast .

Today i am joined by one of the early pioneers of CrossFit in Ireland Colm O'Reilly , Owner of CrossFit Ireland

CrossFit Ireland has just recently celebrated it's 10 Year anniversary as a CrossFit Affiliate which is a fantastic acheivement .

Colm has always got a very interesting perspective on all things CrossFit from his love of the anyalytical side of the games to the more down to earth fun and games of a regular day to day gym atmosphere. 


Some of the the topics we chatted about are as follows : 

- Colm's background and how he got into coaching and CrossFit 


- His favourite part of coaching


- Some of the things we could do better as coaches in the fitness world. 


- Some great lessons learned from a business and coaching perspective from 10 years as a CrossFit Affiliate


- His own prsonal journey through some challenging mental health issues and some of the resurces and actions he has taken to improve this part of his life.


- His opinion on competition at all levels and also some great ideas on how to percieve success in a competitiove environment for each of us. 

- His advice for Coaches of all ages on why core values are so important to guide your decision making.


- Some of his favourite current educational resources and books.


Resources that Colm recommends : 


How bad do you want it?  - Matt Fitzgerald


The Mindful Athlete - George Mumford


10% Happier - Dan Harris


Chasing Excellence-  Ben Bergeron Podcast


Colm's Blog



Thanks so much to Colm for joining me today for what was a really great chat with so many great insights and take aways for coaches & athletes in all fields and at all levels. 

I hope you guys enjoy this episode and that you get some good ideas from it. 

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Until Next time folks, 

Much Love 

The Humble Coach

September 27, 2017  

Ronnie Warde, Movement Coach & Therapist at , Galway City


Welcome back to another Great episode of The Humble Coach Podcast everyone. 

Today i am joined by a brilliant Movement Coach and Therapist Ronnie Warde of in Galway.

Ronnie has a great story and has been doing great work in the past number of years in Galway with people from all walks of life from Athletes to Grannies and Grandads. 


In today's epidose we spoke about the following topics : 

- Ronnie's Background and how he transistioned from his previous career to becoming a therapist and some of the challenges. 

- His treatment philosphy & what has been the driving forces behind his development of it.

- Some of the benefits of his Person Centred and Holistic approach to pain management compared to what is a lot of people may have experienced before. 

- Some of the most common issues that people preent with and some tips on our own self care.

- Lessons for new and Mature coaches alike. 

- His favourite resources & books that he recommends.


Where to find out more about Ronnie and how to get in contact with him 

Website :

Facebook :


It was brilliant to have welcome Ronnie to the show and some great take aways for all of us and i hope you guys enjoy the show. 

Until Next time ,

Much Love 

The Humble Coach 


September 25, 2017  

Niall Connolly, Owner & Head Coach at CrossFit DSC, Dublin,


Welcome back folks and thanks for joining us for todays fun and imformative episode.

Today I am joined by Niall Connolly , Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit DSC in Finglas , Co. Dublin.

Niall has been involved in the fitness industry for more than 20 years and has amassed an awesome knowledge base regarding all elements of fitness training as well as being one of the most well liked members of the Irish CrossFit community .

Niall has a great story to tell and we got to chat about some interesting topics that will hopefully give you guys some solid food for thought.


Some of the Topics we chatted about are as follows :  

 Niall’s background and how he got into coaching. 


- What brought him into CrossFit and how he almost didn’t get into Fitness at all!


- Some of the challenges he has encountered in hosting a large and growing Competition in “The CapitalGames”.


- His experience of working with some High-level athletes and some of the differences that make them great.


- His preferred coaching style and how important he considers different coaching approaches to each person as the key to helping them reach their goals. 


- Some of his thoughts on what we as coaches could improve upon not only in coaching but also in regards selling our coaching services appropriately.


- Some of his Favourite Coaches, Books & resources.


- The next step in his Coaching & Business development


Massive thanks to Niall for joining me for this really enjoyable episode.

He is one of the most genuine decent people in the Irish CrossFit community and it was a real pleasure to get his ideas on some fun topics.


Check out his excellent gym CrossFit DSC here :


And the great annual competition that they hold “ The Capital Games “ here :


And here are some of the Books/Rescources he recommends.


- Fitness As Sport - Jacob Tsypkin


- Never Let Go -  Dan John


- The Hybrid Athlete - Alex Viada


Business Coaching Service

- The Affiliate Solution Seminar - Tye Arnett



Thnaks again for joining me folks and i hope you enjoy this episode.

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Until next time folks,

Much Love, 

Your Humble Coach  


September 15, 2017  

Stephen Kinsella, Owner Of FSM Bray & Host of FSM Rxd


Episode 12 is here folks and it's straight up fire! :)


In this episode i am joined by

Stephen Kinsella ,

Owner of FSM Bray ( Functional Strength Movement). 





FSM Bray is an excellent Functional fitness gym based in Bray Co.Wicklow and Stephen has been involved in the fitness industry for many years both in the Globo Gym world as well as the functional fitness world. 

He has a fantastic array of experience and has some excellent ideas and thoughts on how we could all become better coaches.

He also hosts a brilliant and fun Podcast/Youtube channel himself called FSM Rxd which has had some awesome guests on over the past number of years.



In this episode some of the topics we chatted about were as follows : 

-  Stephens Background , how he got into coaching and what his pavourite part of coaching is. 

- His excellent nutrition approach and thoughts on it's structure and implementation with his clients. 

- His experience with Childrens fitness coaching ,the value of high quality of movement in these types of program and some food for thought for those who may have or are thinking of setting up a kids fitness program.

- Some food for thought on some of the business challenges encountered by medium to long term business owners and coaches . 

- Some of his favourite coaches and why Dan John is top of the list! 


Thanks so much to Stephen for joining me on this episode.

It was really great having you on mate and Best of luck with all things FSM Bray in the future.  

Hope you guys all enjoy the show . 


Until next time 

Much Love 

The Humble Coach 


September 9, 2017  

Jordan Syatt, S&C Coach , Gary Vaynerchuk’s Personal Trainer & Powerlifting World Record Holder.

Guest Episode #9 is here folks and it is a dinger!!!!!!!! 
So today i am joined by the brilliant Jordan Syatt or as some may know him ... Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal trainer!.
Jordan has shot to fame in the recent past as Gary Vaynerchuck's ( Yup... the excellent Entrpreneur !!) Fitness coach but he has had an amazing career path as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and has been in the fitness and training game for over 10 years despite his young age. 
Jordan has competed at international level in Wrestling as well as being a 5 times World record holder in Powerlifting. Along with these athletic achievements he is Precision Nutrition Certified as well as  having worked with some of the best in the business .
Jordan has a strong science based Training background and uses that experience to really make it easy for his clients to form strong habits and get fantastic results. 
Jordan has a phenomenally successful online training business and during today's show we got a chance to chat about some of his strategies he has used to improve the quality of his business and why massive patience is indeed the key to winning!!! 
Thank you so much to Jordan for joining me and i have a feeling the notebooks, pens and a big ass mug of Coffee ( Unicorn Blood in Jordan Speak!!! ) could be out for this one as there is some great ideas and thoughts that i think will help alot of coaches to improve their service significantly in the future. 
Much love folks and here is where you can find Jordan for more great content and Fitness Knowledge! 
Jordan's Website :
Jordan's Facebook - Syatt Fitness :
Listening Time : 29 Minutes 
The Humble Coach
September 4, 2017  

Michael Rutherford, Strength and Conditioning Coach & Developer of the MAX EFFORT BLACK BOX training system


Episode.10 -  Michael Rutherford, Strength and Conditioning Coach & Developer of the MAX EFFORT BLACK BOX training system


Hey folks, 

The Humble Coach is back with another great episode . In episode 10 I am joined by Michael Rutherford aka Coach Rut , Founder and former owner of Bootcamp Fitness Kansas & CrossFit Kansas City.  

Coach Rut has been involved in Strength & Conditioning for almost 30 Years and has worked alongside some of the best coaches in the world. 

He has also worked in hospital wellness environments and rehabilitation clinics. Rut holds academic degrees in biology, physical education, and exercise physiology and sports biomechanics. He is a USAW-certified Club Coach and is a CrossFit level-3 trainer. 

Hailing from Kansas City ,Missouri , Coach Rut could also be considered one of the original CrossFit Crew having been the 4th Official CrossFit affiliate in the world . 

He developed the fantastic Max Effort Black Box training system as well as being a regular contributor to the CrossFit Journal, The Performance Menu and  Breaking Muscle. 


In this episode we chatted about the following : 

- Who is Coach Rut & how did he get in to coaching.

- The MEBB (  & How/why it was conceived 

- The main benefits of this system and how important it has been in the development of various Strength protocols within the CrossFit world.  

- His love of all things dumbell and why he thinks that they are a fantastic additon to all training regimes.

- His favourite area of coaching and why he feels that every interaction is a 1 to 1 coaching opportunity

- Coach Rut's advice to younger coaches and how vital it is as a coach to eduacate yourself on stress and how to manage it with your clients.

- His recommended reading and some of his very interesting upcoming projects and collaborations.


Sincere thanks to Michael for joining me on the show.

It was a pleasure chatting to him & he has and will continue to be one of the best coaches that i have ever spoken to. 

Here are some of the places that you can enjoy some more of Coach Rut's great work.


Thanks as always folks for all of the support and if you like what you hear then hit the old subscribe button and i'll see you next time.

Much Love

The Humble Coach


September 1, 2017  

Brian Howley : Health, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Hey everyone.

The Humble Coach returns with Episode 9 and this is a fun one. I was joined recently by one of my co-workers at French Vanoli , Brian Howley.

Brian since he has been involved with us at FV has been an awesome addition to the team and brings a real freshness and fun, knowledgeable attitude to his coaching which has allowed many of our members to make some amazing progress.

Brian currently oversees our Strength & Core and Nutrition programs at French Vanoli as well as being an accomplished a CrossFit Coach.

Brian's Qualifications:

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

- KG Elite Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach

- NCEF Fitness Instructor

- FETAC Certificate in Exercise,Fitness and Nutrition

- RLSS Lifeguard.

In this episode :

- Brian's background and how he got into coaching

- Brian's favourite areas of coaching

- His preferred styles of coaching

- What he thinks coaches could add to their programs and approaches that they may be missing and how to keep ahead of the game.

- Where he sees the fitness industry possibly changing in the future and where he might fit in .

Thanks so much to Brian for joining me on this episode. It is real pleasure to work with and chat to one of the most promising young coaches in the country at the moment. Appreciate it dude.

Hope you guys enjoy this episode and don't forget to check out some of my previous episodes with some excellent coaches.

Until next time folks,

Much love

The Humble Coach ☺

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