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August 24, 2017  

Jamie Lawlor , Owner of CrossFit Swords, Dublin


Episode 8. 

On this week's episode i am joined by Jamie Lawlor of CrossFit Swords in Dublin, Ireland. 

This was a really interesting and fun chat and we got to talk about some very cool topics that i think apply to a lot of gyms in Ireland at the moment and not just CrossFit or Functional fitness gyms but to all fitness oriented facilities and coaches. 

Jamie has been a very progressive force in Irish CrossFit in recent years both on a coaching basis with his gym as well as his involvement in some of the largest and most successful competitions and charity events that have taken place in ireland in recent times.

In today's podcast here are some of the topics we got a chance to talk about. 

- Jamie's background and how he got into coaching

- The various styles of coaching that he likes to use . 

- Some of his preferred coaching methods and how he applies them to both Competitors and the General Fitness enthusiast alike. 

- Competitor programs and some of the challenges associated with getting them set up so that harmony can be maintained in your gym .  

- Important considerations when dealing with different age groups and also some good ideas on how to possibly make it easier for the younger or older members  to really maintain sustained progress.  

- Some of Jamie's recent educational opportunities with some of the best coaches in the world and the main takeaways from those interactions. 

- The continued success of The Filthy 150 CrossFt competition and its change of direction in working with Special Olympics Ireland as well as a change in format . 

- Jamie's recommended reading!!  

Hope you guys enjoy this episode and below are some other places that you can learn more about Jamie!! :) 

Here are some places to check out some of Jamie's excellent work. 

- Jamie's Blog


- CrossFit Swords


- The Filthy 150 Competition in aid of Special Olympics ireland






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