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July 23, 2017  

Dr Karen Coghlan, Owner of &


Today's episode is with Dr. Karen Coghlan from The Nut Coach & Perform Better Nutrition.


This was a really great and fun interview and Karen is a fountain of great information on all things

Nutrition & Body Positivity. 


Dr. Karen has a a briliant array of qualifications ( See below! ) and has had pheneomenal success with her online " Ignition Nutrition " Group ( which is a program that has helped so many people with improving their relationship with food, their own bodies and free themselves from yo-yo dieting in a fantastically supportive environment as well as being a well renowned Fitness coach and multi sport competitor . 


Biomedical Engineering, B.Eng, Ph.D.
Active IQ L2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction
Active IQ L3 Certificate in Personal Training
CrossFit L1 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor
Weightlifting Ireland L1 Assistant Coach
Precision Nutrition L1 Coach
Sports Nutrition FETAC Level 6
[Pending] ISSN Postgrad Diploma in Applied Sports & Exercise Nutrition


In this episode we chatted about :

- Dr. Karen's Background and how she got started on the path to becoming an advocate for quality nutrition and fitness coaching. 

- Her favourite part of coaching.

- Her thoughts on how coaches can help their clients sift throught the days of " Instaknowldege" and get to realistic strategies to have a healthy relationship with their nutrition.

- The biggest issues that she deals with when coaching people in  Nutrition and how coaches can have a really powerful impact on their clients by identifying a strong yet patient process mentality. 

- Recommendations for other coaches on how they can improve the quality of Nutrition education they give to their clients to build a more body positive and non restrictive environment for success. 

- The value of taking a step by step approach to progress and her next step in her own coaching and education development. 


It was awesome to chat to Dr Karen and looking forward to her continued success and positivity in the Nutrition Coaching World! 

 Thanks Karen!



Here are some helpful links to Dr. Karen's various programs .


July 20, 2017  

Martin Hickey, Owner of Fusion Training Centre , Athlone.


In todays Episode i'm joined by Martin Hickey, Owner of Fusion Training Centre in Athlone. 

Fusion Training Centre is home to the Midlands largest CrossFit facility –

CrossFit Cú Chulainn as well as Fusion MMA Club (The first MMA club to be established in Athlone! ).

In this Episode we talk about  -

- His Background and his transition from the Military to becoming a Coach.

- Why he started a Dual Training Centre and also his Passionate interest in Nutrition Coaching and its value. 

- His favourite part of Coaching and elements of Coaching that he thinks are vital for sucess with your clients and members. 

- Some of the challenges of running a dual training centre and how CrossFit , MMA & Nutrition education compliment each other for both performance and good quality of life. 

- His next step in coaching.

Thanks a million to Martin for coming on. Great chat mate and best Of luck with Fusion in the future.!  :) 

Here are some helpful links if your looking for some training in the Atlone Area !


July 11, 2017  

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