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June 25, 2017  

Neil Laverty , Owner of CrossFit 8020


Episode 3. 

Neil Laverty of CrossFit 8020 joins me on this episode and we got to chat about everything from the simple enjoyment of someone succeeding in getting the Power Clean right for the first time to training CrossFit regional level athletes .

Neil owns CrossFit 8020 in Portadown, Northern Ireland which is one of the largest and most successful CrossFit gyms on the island of Ireland .

He has a varied and really interesting background with involvement in lots of facets of fitness from Physique modelling, Endurance racing and Athletics to name a few .

For the past number of years though his main focus has been on CrossFit 8020 and working with some very high level CrossFit athletes. 

CrossFit 8020 :


In this episode we chatted about some of the following topics.


Episode 3. 

- Neil's background and how he got into coaching. 

- His favourite parts of coaching and why variety is a vital part of his coaching practice.

- How he balances the needs of high level CrossFit athletes and those of regular members just looking to get a bit fitter.

- His thoughts on the scientific side of coaching and how it might apply depending on the sport your involved in and fitness in general.

- His thoughts on the future of CrossFit .

- What he is currently reading and some important advice for coaches at all levels. 

- His next coaching development step .


It was brilliant to chat to Neil who runs a great spot in CrossFit 8020 so thanks a million for joining me on this episode mate.  

Hope you guys enjoy the show and if you like it please subscribe and give us a review! . Thanks 

 Til next time , Enjoy

Coach Padraic 

June 14, 2017  

Tom Morrison, CrossFit Varangian &


Guest No.2 has arrived and he's a force to be reckoned with!

Tom Morrison joins me to talk all things mobility and healing and how daily routines can actually be magic if you let them!!

First some background on Tom .

He is trained in MMA & is a senior student in the traditional art of Wing Tzun, has a passion for Gymnastics, Body Mechanics & Movement training. 


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

British Weightlifting Level 1

CrossFit Gymnastics Certified Trainer

Wing Tzun 2nd Advanced Technician

Assistant Martial Arts Instructor


In this episiode we chatted about some really great ideas. Notebooks at the ready folks.

Episode 2. 

- Tom's Background and his introduction to training.

- How he got into coaching and what are his favourite elements of coaching.

- Biggest areas that coaches could improve their practice ( Mobility practice, anatomy education, proprioception, core strength to name but a few! )

- How the simple stuff really is the key and the foundations are always where the good stuff lives! 

- Different ways to inspire people to fall in love with taking care of themselves and encouraging them to take ownership in their own movement inefficiences and how to improve them. .  

- Favourite current coaches and resources.

- Next step in his coaching development.

Tom Morrison Links.


Tom was a pleasure to chat to so thank a million for joining me mate.  

Hope you guys enjoy the show and if you like it maybe give a rating. Thanks 

 Til next time , Enjoy

Coach Padraic 

June 9, 2017  

Dara O’Boyle, Owner of & CrossFit Fifteen



So.... Our first guest is... Dara O'Boyle , Owner of Fitbox & CrossFit Fifteen in Dublin. 

Dara owns a fantastic fitness facility in blanchardstown in Dublin and his profile can be found here!


Episode 1. 

On todays show here are some of the things we chatted about.

- Dara's Background in Fitness and how he had a pretty cool & famous mentor early on in his career.

- Why he got into coaching and what attracted him to it in the first place. 

- Some of his favourite coaches and why they are so successful at the moment.

- Working with different coaching styles and some of the best coaches he has worked with .  

- His preferred coaching method and style and some of cues and styles that he's not a big fan of! 

- And finally what he has planned next on his coaching development journey. 

This was a really fun first episode so thanks a million Dara for coming on and being a fountain of knowledge as always in the coaching game. 

 * Apologies about the dodgy audio from my side folks.. Will sort it out for the next one!  

June 5, 2017  

And the journey began..

In the first episode... I get the ball rolling.. sort of!!

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